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Wild Roots Studio
Nature Art Camps for Kids

Check back soon for our 2019 Spring and Summer Camp schedule. Registration opens to the public on January 28th!

A few times per year, we offer Nature Art Camps for Children. In these multi-day camps we will enjoy nature walks, take in sustainability lessons, play games and craft artworks from natural and recycled materials. Each camp will end with an opportunity for children to show case their masterpieces in an Art Show. Camps are aimed for children 5-12 years old. Daycamps run from 9am to 3pm, extended care is available until 4pm for an additional fee of $10 per day.

This year's camps will be held at The Art Lab located in Old Town Fort Collins. Learn more about The Art Lab here. The Art Lab will provide our camp's home-base, from there we will journey off on shorts nature walks to Heritage Center Park & Buckman Park to explore and collect nature for our crafts. 

We love to connect our artworks to the current seasons, moon cycles or natural rhythms of the environment we live in. In this we can often find gratitude, new awareness and a peace in syncing into our own natural rhythm. In the warmer months, this may look like creating Plein Air paintings on the river's edge or making plaster casts of animal tracks in the mud puddles along the trails. And in the colder months...we might do shorter nature walks in the snow to collect pine cones for crafting or we may find cozy places to create art projects that explore our inner landscapes (for example: self-portraits or community art projects). 

Some examples of art projects include:

Nature Mandalas & Earth Looms – Lessons & Activities centering on Seasons or Native Plants.
Dreams Catchers – Stories of the Dream Catcher Legend
River Stones – Lesson on Water Conservation
Community Heart Art – Stories & Lessons on Unity
Botanical Dyes – Plant Lessons
Clay Nature Prints – Learning How Clay is make from Indigenous Soil
Recycled Paper Mache Bowls – Lessons focused on Recycling
Journey Sticks – Stories of how Indigenous people used Journey Sticks.
Winter Lanterns – Lessons on Winter Solstice
Bee Wax Candles - Lessons on the importance of protecting the bees. 

Children's Nature Art Shows

Each camp ends in celebrating with a Nature Art Show put on for families and the community. 

To register for upcoming camps click on camps below: 

Each camp is different. Each will have new projects, activities and lessons planned. These camps fill up fast, so reserve your kiddo's space soon. Camps are aimed for children 5-12 years old in age.

Check back soon for our 2019 Spring and Summer Camp schedule. Registration opens to the public on January 28th!

For inquires, questions or more information contact:

Contact Alie Rich at or call 970-412-4523