2019 Summer Camp Schedule

2020 Summer Camp Registration will open in January!

Soaring Hawk Nature Art Camp (5 day camp) (SOLD OUT)
June 24 - 28th @The Fort Collins Art Lab (includes Thursday evening art show)
Aimed for ages 5-10. $255 per child

Wild Willow Nature Art Camp (3 day camp) (SOLD OUT)
July 1-3 @The Fort Collins Art Lab
Aimed for ages 5-11. $175 per child

Earth Fox Nature Art Camp (5 day camp) (SOLD OUT)
July 8 - 12th @The Fort Collins Art Lab (includes Thursday evening art show)
Aimed for ages 7-11. $255

Wild Heart Nature Art Tween-Teen Camp (5 day camp) (SOLD OUT)
August 12-16 @The Wild Roots Art Barn
Aimed for ages 10-14.
Two Options:
Join us for 3-days (August 14-16) $175
Join us for 5-days (August 12-16) $250
For more details on this Teen Camp go here.

Wild Heart Teen Workshops
(Fall 2019 - One Saturday Each Month)
Registration coming in September 2019

Full or Partial Scholarships
Full or partial scholarships are available based on financial need. If you and your child feels called to attend a Wild Roots Summer Camp but would be challenged with camp cost, please email us here to discuss how we can support your child to attend. Our mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in our programs.


Wild Roots Summer Camps

A few times per year, we offer Nature Art Camps for Children and Teens. In these multi-day camps we will enjoy nature walks, take in sustainability lessons, play games and craft artworks from natural and recycled materials.

We love to connect our artworks to the current seasons, moon cycles or natural rhythms of the environment we live in. In this we can often find gratitude, new awareness and peace in syncing into our own natural rhythm. In the warmer months, this may look like creating Plein Air paintings on the river's edge or making plaster casts of animal tracks in the mud puddles along the trails. And in the colder months...we might do shorter nature walks in the snow to collect pine cones for crafting or we may find cozy places to create art projects that explore our inner landscapes (for example: self-portraits or community art projects). 

Some examples of art projects include:

Nature Mandalas & Earth Looms – Lessons & Activities centering on Seasons or Native Plants.
Dreams Catchers – Stories of the Dream Catcher Legend
River Stones – Lesson on Water Conservation
Community Heart Art – Stories & Lessons on Unity
Botanical Dyes – Plant Lessons
Clay Nature Prints – Learning How Clay is make from Indigenous Soil
Recycled Paper Mache Bowls – Lessons focused on Recycling
Journey Sticks – Stories of how Indigenous people used Journey Sticks.
Winter Lanterns – Lessons on Winter Solstice
Bee Wax Candles - Lessons on the importance of protecting the bees. 


This year's Schools Out Camps will be held at The Art Lab located in Old Town Fort Collins and The Wild Roots Art Barn located at 444 N. Sunset Street. Please see the above schedule for location of each camp.

Fort Collins Art Lab

Art Lab Fort Collins is located at 239 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524 in Old Town Fort Collins. Learn more about The Art Lab here. The Art Lab will provide our camp's home-base, from there we will journey off on shorts nature walks to Library Park, Old Town Plaza, Heritage Center Park & Buckman Park to explore and collect nature for our crafts. 

Click here for directions to Art Lab


Wild Roots Art Barn

We are excited to start offering classes in our Wild Roots Art Barn in Summer/Fall 2019. The Are Barn is located at 444 N. Sunset Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80521. This space is ideal for our smaller classes. It allows for us to create nature under the beautiful Colorado sun and is surrounded by vegetable and herb gardens from which we can gather ingredients for some of our art projects and wild snacks.

Click here for directions to the Wild Root Art Barn


Ages and Schedule

Our younger child camps are aimed for ages 5-10 and our older kids camps are aimed for ages 9-13. We will be offering our first tween and teen camps this August. For more details on our Teen Programs visit here.

Children may be dropped off between 8:45am-9am and picked up at 4pm (extended an hour from last year’s pick up time). We understand that parking can be challenging in Old Town. Feel free to text us at 970-412-4523 if you are running a bit late.

Tuition & Enrollment Information

Spaces are limited. Wild Roots accepts cash, check and credit card. Email us here to arrange paying with cash or check. If you fill pay online, you will receive a confirmation email. Wild Roots will send email with camp details the week before class with camp details. In the event that a class is full, email here to be added to our waiting list and you will be notified promptly if space becomes available.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Fees will be refunded if cancellation is made THREE (3) weeks prior to the program. In all cases a 10% administrative fee will be retained.

SCHOLARSHIPS & DISCOUNTS: Full or partial discounts are available based on financial need. If you and your child feels called to attend a Wild Roots Summer Camp but would be challenged with camp cost, please email us here to discuss how we can support your child to attend. Our mission is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in our programs.

We appreciate all donations to support children who may not otherwise be able to attend.


All participating children's parents or guardians are asked to sign a Wild Roots Studio waiver. 
Please fill out our waiver at here. We will also have some hard copies on hand during the first day of class. 

Children’s Art Show

Each 5-day camp will end with an opportunity for children to show case their masterpieces in a Children’s Nature Art Show open to the community at the Fort Collins Art Lab.

What to Wear & Bring To Camp 

The below information is for camps held at the Art Lab. Camps held at the Art Barn may have some minor modifications to the packing list. An email is sent out the week for camp with camp details and what to wear/bring information.

What to wear: We will be doing some painting & nature play, so best to wear something you don’t mind your children to get messy. We do provide paint shirts but they don’t always cover everything.

Its nice to pack an extra change of clothes in case we get wet or muddy during nature walks or during fountain play.

For camps located at the Art Lab, we often eat lunch in the Old Town Square where some kids like to bring swimsuits & a towel for some fountain playtime. They can either bring their swimsuit with them to change into it in the bathroom or arrive with suit under clothes. We will be doing some walking so we recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes or sport sandals (no flip flops).  

Solo Time Books or Projects: Each day we have a few moments of quiet time. The Art Lab can get quite loud and busy while we are making art so these quiet moments (we call Solo Time) are often welcomed by the children. During Solo Time we ask children to find something to do quietly by themselves while we play peaceful music. This maybe a book, drawing, finishing a project we are working on, laying down and taking in the music, painting, etc. Your child is welcome to bring a book or project from home to enjoy during Solo Time.  

Inspiration from Nature:  Nature items found between now and camp are awesome great for incorporating into art, showing off during opening circle or sharing with camp friends! Feel free to collect twigs, sticks, pine cones, stones, seeds and other nature bits and bring them into camp to share and craft with. There is something great about using nature items that are hand-picked and collected by the child. The art then has a story beyond our camp. No worries, if you don't bring nature items to camp...that is fine too! We always have plenty of natural items to share and will do some nature walks to find more.

Food & Drink

Please send them with a water bottle, morning snack & lunch. We will provide a light afternoon snack (dairy & gluten free). 

Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent

Please pack sunscreen for your child with your child's name on it. If the day starts off sunny, please bring them with sunscreen already applied. Sunhats or layers of light clothes are great options too. Feel free to pack some mosquito repellent if you would like as it can get buggy in the shade during nature walks.

Your child is unique!

It is our wish that each child feels like they may come to Wild Roots camps as themselves. Whether they are shy, wild, needing a bit of warm up time, active, in need of some help to make friends…whatever they might need….it is our hope that each child feels comfortable, cared for and allowed to explore their unique creativity during their time with us. We are always open to modifying our schedule, projects and approach to assure children are having fun and feeling happy. We hope that their time spend with us is remembered as enjoyable, a place where they create new friendships, make some special works of art and connect to the wonder of mother nature.

Here are some pictures from past camps: