Alie Rich - Founder & Art Guide

Alie is the Owner, Creative Director & Lead Nature-Art Guide at Wild Roots Studio where she offers earth art installations and soulful nature-based art workshops that help to strengthen one’s connection to nature and explore their wild creativity. She is endlessly inspired by the peace, joy, and imagination that nature stirs in one’s heart. She believes that art & ritual are powerful ways to tune into our innate natural rhythms and find a deeper heart-centered connection to ourselves and the wild world around us.

In 2013, Alie made a decision to leave her career in Sustainability to create Wild Roots Studio, in hopes to reconnect to her inner creativity and to find a more soulful connection to both humanity & the beautiful natural world that surrounds us. Alie believes that a concern and care for the Earth is typically sparked as children (and adults alike) experience the magic and wonder of nature. Nature based art is a great way to deliver this experience. Creating art with nature reminds us of our innate and deep rooted connection to our Mother Earth.

Alie worked as a Head Gardener for Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and Sustainability Specialist at New Belgium Brewing Company before starting Wild Roots. She studied Fine Arts at Colorado State University and received a Permaculture Design Certificate from Quail Spring Permaculture. She is a Certified Herbalist graduating from the Equinox school of Herbal Studies. She studied under Marghanita Hughes in her Educating the Hearth through Nature Program and recently completed the Wild Woman Circle Leader Training.

When not making art you can find her playing with and loving on her two children, hiking, making plant medicine, gardening, stargazing or tending to her bees.



Katie Walker.jpg

Katie Walker - Art Guide

Katie is an explorer of the world around her and a facilitator to others experiencing the expressive power of art. She encourages her students to explore their inner selves and the natural world through creating works of art.  She believes that art education is essential to the personal development of any human and can be especially important to young people. From a young age she began to create and the desire to express her ideas and emotions through art became a large part of her life. This discovery of the empowering nature of creation fueled a desire to become an artist creating tangible expressions of the beauty she saw in the world.   For this reason, she majored in Art Education at Colorado State University with a concentration in painting. Her education has allowed her to gain new insights into the possibilities that art offers as a lens through which to view the world. She has been fortunate enough to gain experience with many different mediums including fibers, sculpture, woodworking, printmaking, metalsmithing, and photography. Her education has helped her see the world in a new way and her dream is to share this way of seeing with her students.  

The playful and carefree nature of young people has always pulled Katie towards working with children as those qualities are some she aspires to cultivate in her own demeanor.  As she began to pursue a degree it only made sense to combine her love for art and children and study art education. Her formal training offers an opportunity to create lessons that inspire students to truly explore their creative potential while building self-confidence.  Her teaching philosophy is largely based around providing students with the materials and guidance necessary to confidently explore and express their ideas freely. When students create works of art they are learning how to think like artists. They generate ideas, formulate a plan for how to make these ideas tangible, and then effectively carry out this plan to create a complete work of art.  The imagination, creativity, and dedication involved in expression can be beneficial to so many other areas of life.

Katie has also been raised with a deep love and respect for nature.  Wild Roots Studio has been the perfect culmination of these passions because it aspires to facilitate others in discovering a deep understanding of Mother Earth through the process of creating art that uses nature not only as a subject, but as a medium.  Just as creating art can benefit the development of our human spirit, a strong relationship with pure nature has the ability to help us develop our beliefs and heal our internal wounds.