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Wild Roots Studio offers a variety of soulful art workshops that support the wild exploration of our creativity and connect us to the seasons going on around and within us. 

About Wild Roots Studio:

Earth Art. Our workshops offer children the opportunity to create art projects from natural and recycled materials. When possible we collect materials in nature and love to weaving sustainability lessons into the crafts.

Why Nature Art?  We love using art as a vehicle for re-connecting us back to nature and our innate wildness. There is something magical in combining nature and art. It returns us to the simplicity and wonder of nature. Creating earth based art crafts are a great way to promote sustainability and encourage little ones to explore the wonder of Mother Nature. From this comes an understanding of how special our environment is and how important it is to take care of it.  

We Are All artists. We don't believe in giving art lessons. We believe in offering tools, supplies, some guidance and letting creativity run wild. There is no good art or bad art. No right or wrong way. It's all about having fun and expressing yourself.

Lets Make Art Outside. We love creating art outdoors. In the summer, you may find us teaching at a local farm (CSA), park or wilderness area. In the colder months we love using the time to explore our inner landscapes and create nature-based crafts in cozy spaces. 

Connection. All too often, both children and adults, have very busy schedules. We can be overwhelmed with deadlines and the many responsibilities of life. We sometimes might struggle to find the time to be creative and connect to our soul. We feel it’s easier to let it all go and find peace….while creating art, dancing, doing yoga and especially, when we are in nature. Our workshops are aimed at giving our soul’s time to slow down to connect to our ourselves and to the beauty that surrounds us.

Nothing can substitute for walking in nature, hearing birds, looking for shells on the beach, watching the daily growth of a flower in the garden. From the very beginning of life it is vital to maintain the link between the child and nature.
— Maria Montessori

Syncing To Nature Rhythms.  We try to connect our art workshops to the current seasons, moon cycles or natural rhythms of the environment we live in. In doing this, we can often find gratitude and new awareness. There is a sweet inner peace that happens when we synch into our own natural rhythm. This may mean celebrating with wild passion in the summer season and seeking a quiet, cozy space to create from in the frosty months.  

Adults Love Nature & Art Too.  In addition to our Children's Nature Art Workshops, we also offer adult earth art classes & women's circles. It is our goal to create a space for adults to let go, connect and be creative. Visit HERE to learn more about our upcoming New Moon Art Circles or hire Wild Roots to customize a Nature Art Workshop for your gathering or event. For more information on custom workshops visit HERE. 

Wild Roots has provided workshops and art installations at followings schools, events and organizations:

Tree House Montessori School
Happy Heart Farm
Matthews House
Arise Music Festival
Fort Collins Public Library
Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association
Laughing Buck Farm
Fort Collins Earth Day
Remington House
Wolverine Farm Public House
Denver Natural History Museum
Gallery 970
Gardens on Spring Creek
Polaris School of Expeditionary Learning
The Art Lab
Dunn Elementary School
Cache La Poudre Elementary School
The Poudre River Festival