Wild Moon Gathering - Full Moon Retreat for Women

Wild Moon Gathering - Full Moon Retreat for Women

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The first annual Wild Moon Gathering & Retreat will be held on the weekend of the October Full Moon. We will kick off the retreat on the evening of Friday, October 11th and end mid-day on Sunday, October 13th.

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. Women from age 16 to 120 years of age are invited to attend. We find that having a variety of ages is a lovely experience for all as it gives us an opportunity to share our wisdom from years' past, discover who we are now and explore who we may become.

It is our intention to create a weekend retreat that allows us to disconnect from the busy & full schedules that us women all too often manage…and sync into our natural rhythms to nurture our intentions & soulful dreams….and get a little WILD. This is a time for remembering who we really are and listening to the call of our soul. We will use this time to raise our vibration, take in the medicine of sisterhood and celebrating our wild journeys through this wonder-filled life. 

Join us for this special weekend where we will be exploring the theme of “SHE AWAKENS” in creating earth art, journeying, wild crafting, herb walks, ritual, journaling, movement (yoga & dance), healing work, tarot, nature mandalas, tribal woman photo shoot, Trade Market and so much more.

....and of course, a Full Moon Dance Party on Saturday evening!  

This retreat is not associated with a singular path or religion, but rather, an inclusive coming together with women from all paths. We honor and celebrate that we all come from different spiritual/cultural backgrounds. The circle of women offers a place of support, kindness and always, your free choice as to when you will participate and when you will observe. We sit together and welcome one another just as we are. 


Early Bird Ticket - $275 until June 17th (JUNE FULL MOON) 

Regular Ticket Price (After June 17th) - $325 

Limited amount of work trades available. To inquiry contact Alie at alie.wildroots@gmail.com

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