Wild Roots Workshops

Hire Wild Roots to host a nature art workshop at your school, day camp, birthday party, festival or any other gathering where children & adults would like to create art with nature.  Email us to schedule a meeting where we can co-create your perfect earth art workshop. 

Workshop details:

  • Pricing is on a sliding scale dependent on supplies, time, group size and organization (non-profit, schools, community outreach, etc.).

  • We love to hold parties outdoors when possible. We can bring all you need to provide a workshop at your school, backyard, festival, house, park, farm or anywhere you fancy.  We can supply craft tables and chairs if needed. 

  • Ideally, all parties are scheduled at least one month in advance.

For more information or for questions email us at wildrootsstudio@outlook.com or call 970-412-4523.